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 What is Sun's new Certification Policy?
Beginning with all Sun certification exams taken on or after August 1,
2003, certification offerings from Sun no longer have an expiration date.
Rather, certification offerings are based on a version of technology. The
certification date and exam version will appear on both a certificate and
an identification card with the applicable certification title.

Recertification is no longer required to maintain one's status as a
certified professional. Sun certification is now directly associated with
a version of technology. Nevertheless, Sun highly recommends that you
remain certified at the most current technology version.

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> On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 02:37:10PM -0000, John Oxley wrote:
>> Some comments....
>> I took the Sun Sys Admin (SCSA Sol8) tests for two reasons, firstly
>> because it was easier to get than the RHCE (respect!) Also because the
>> next exam SCNA (Network Admin) covers alot of the IP basics required by
>> Cisco CCNA.
> Yeah, the Sun Sysadmin ones are pretty much a walk for anyone who's
> actually administered Solaris for any length of time.
>> Also bear in mind that the Cisco exams start with CCNA which expires
>> after
>> 2 years if you don't keep taking the next level of exams, the Sun one's
>> don't expire, your chosen version of OS will simply eventually go out of
>> favour, but your IP knowledge is still good.
> Not to nitpick, but the Sun ones expire after 2 years, whereas the CCNA
> expires after 3.
> Ceri
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