qualification/training question

Alex Dyas adyas at twowaytv.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 14:35:44 GMT 2003

Wearing my employee hat, certification is good to swat up on areas you 
don't cover in your day to day, and open your eyes to areas you didn't 
already know about.  I recently completed Sun's Solaris System Admin 
which I found useful for these reasons.

Wearing my employer hat, certification does not prove very much other 
than that you can pass an exam.  I've worked with people who had all 
sorts of qualifications but fell short because they didn't have the 
experience to back it up.

So do the qualifications if you think it will help you, but don't think 
that they will take the place of that magic word - experience.


Simon Gray wrote:

> Hi,
> I know a similar item to this came up in the list back in 2001. (according
> to google) This isn't directed specifically at fbsd but as the users
> experience as a whole.
> I'm 21 been in IT 5 years, don't really have many qualifications apart from
> some college course and general experience (computers since 93). A colleague
> of mine who's just finished his CISSP, has suggested I give that a look -
> which I admit it does look good since its not vendor specific.
> Theres always the Cisco/Microsoft courses, but in 10 years time those aren't
> really going to be worth much. Any suggestions on qualifications I should
> maybe look towards?
> Sorry if this is a little off the topic.
> Many thanks,
> Simon
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