qualification/training question

Simon Gray simong at desktop-guardian.com
Tue Nov 18 13:48:04 GMT 2003


I know a similar item to this came up in the list back in 2001. (according
to google) This isn't directed specifically at fbsd but as the users
experience as a whole.

I'm 21 been in IT 5 years, don't really have many qualifications apart from
some college course and general experience (computers since 93). A colleague
of mine who's just finished his CISSP, has suggested I give that a look -
which I admit it does look good since its not vendor specific.

Theres always the Cisco/Microsoft courses, but in 10 years time those aren't
really going to be worth much. Any suggestions on qualifications I should
maybe look towards?

Sorry if this is a little off the topic.

Many thanks,


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