DHCP server can't ping client by host name

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Thu Nov 6 11:55:24 GMT 2003

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 11:17:29PM -0000, Jon Schneider wrote:
> I've never fully understood the need to connect dhcpd and bind.

I agree.  It's mostly a nicety.  It does also enhance the quality of
your logs though.  When you see that a user connected from "gubbins.lan"
instead of "dhcp21.lan", you have a much better idea of which computer
it came from.

I think of it as not terribly hard to do[1], and it makes life a little
bit nicer so I did it.

> As far as I see there are a few possibilities.
> * You want a particular machines (MAC address) to have a certain IP 
> address. In that case configure dhcpd.conf and hosts or zone files 
> accordingly.
> * You don't care at all about a set of clients. They get any spare IP 
> address in the range and hosts/zone-files has a load of dhcp<n> entries.
> * The client really is fixed. Don't use dhcp at all.

DHCP is still useful in this instance, to effect other settings such as
domain and dns servers.

> The only exception I can think of is when a client machine can connect to 
> different networks within the same organisation. I have the feeling this 
> does not apply to the vast majority of people wanting the bind<->dhcpd 
> connection.


[1] Unsafely, though.  I didn't bother doing the secure dns thing.

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