DHCP server can't ping client by host name

Phil John phil at budgetwebdesign.biz
Mon Nov 3 22:03:17 GMT 2003

>I think I'll try bind9 and the recent dhcpd server; which appears to be
able to add dns entries when a lease is given out.
>Thanks for your help,


Bind9 and isc-dhcp does indeed do this, that's the route I went down when I
decided to use DHCP for the local network here (and when I finally got
fed-up with NTL's dns servers and decided to set up my own caching one).
It's not fantastically well documented atm because it's a relatively new
addition to BIND, but it's not too hard to work out.  I would suggest going
out and either a)buying a copy of the latest DNS and BIND book from Oreilly
(4th edition IIRC) or b)signing up to a free 14 day trial at
http://safari.oreilly.com where you can read most oreilly and sams books
online, including the aforementioned DNS and BIND.


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