DHCP server can't ping client by host name

Kel Graham kel at orawia.com
Mon Nov 3 13:19:23 GMT 2003


I have a question regarding name lookups for a laptop that moves between
being a wireless client and a normal wired client, using DHCP.

Here's my simple home network setup:
 a. FreeBSD 4.7 running DHCPD and Samba (& WINS support)
    The fbsd box serves ips as follows:
     Wired network: -
     Wireless netowrk: -

 b. Laptop, XP Pro DHCP client: Obtain IP, DNS, WINS dynamically. Moves
between wireless and wired subnets on same network.

My networking is fine; i can ping/surf/etc.
Using the samba tools (smbclient, etc) I can connect to shares and all is

What I'd like to do is ping my laptop by its name from the freebsd server
(pinging via host name from another Win machine is fine; due to
NetBIO/Wins lookups, I assume).

However I can't gaurantee that the laptop will always be on the wired, or
the wireless network, so /etc/hosts entries don't make sense to me.

Is there any way of achieving this?

Thanks for any help,

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