samba as PDC

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Sun Nov 2 13:08:22 GMT 2003

Couple of questions on this one, what version of samba are you using and
are you trying to emulate the NT4 domain PDC or the active directory
PDC. Win XP expects the latter and uses DNS by default with netbios
disabled. If your going for the Win NT Domain model have you setup a
wins server to resolve the netbios names? Please post me a copy of your
smb.conf file. Sorry at this point it's all questions and no answers. 

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i am tying to configure samba and fbsd 4.7 as a PDC for my network, as a

workgroup it works fine, configured as PDC not. i am having problems
with my 
windows machine netbios name not being recognised by samba, this is set
as an account on fbsd as netbios_name$ and set in smbpasswd with the -m 
option. when trying to add the windows box (xppro) to the domain, i get 
username netbios_name not in unix passwd database (with out the $), i
have a 
fbsd account for the windows user + added them in smbpasswd.

i am also aware of the add user script in the samba configuration, i

adduser shell=sh dotdir=/dev/null login_group=workgroup %u

this does not seem to do anything.

i have setup a netlogon directory on fbsd etc



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