samba as PDC

adrian johnson eyewarp at
Sat Nov 1 20:00:50 GMT 2003


i am tying to configure samba and fbsd 4.7 as a PDC for my network, as a 
workgroup it works fine, configured as PDC not. i am having problems with my 
windows machine netbios name not being recognised by samba, this is set up 
as an account on fbsd as netbios_name$ and set in smbpasswd with the -m 
option. when trying to add the windows box (xppro) to the domain, i get 
username netbios_name not in unix passwd database (with out the $), i have a 
fbsd account for the windows user + added them in smbpasswd.

i am also aware of the add user script in the samba configuration, i have 

adduser shell=sh dotdir=/dev/null login_group=workgroup %u

this does not seem to do anything.

i have setup a netlogon directory on fbsd etc



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