Best book to learn BSD

Edmund Craske edmund at
Sat May 31 11:22:40 BST 2003

I've got it... It's got too much stuff in it relating to a pre-release
snapshot of FreeBSD 5 but there's quite a bit of useful stuff in it all
the same... It feels like there should be something better, but I
haven't found it as yet...


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On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 10:52:39PM +0100, Andy Carpendale wrote:
> SI> * FreeBSD Unleashed, by Michael Urban & Brian Tiemann, Sams
> If you visit IT-minds bookstore:
> FreeBSD Unleashed is reduced to 29.20

Has anyone read this?  Would you recommend it to newcomers?

FreeBSD: The Power to Serve
FreeBSD Documentation Project
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