X server

crizza crizza at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu May 29 21:23:45 BST 2003

Hello all.<br>
  I have recently set up remote X capabilities on a server using xdm as the
client and Xserver for the server!<br>
For those who arent familiar with the remote X system, xdm runs on the server
and is the display manager and Xserver runs on the client. <br>
  I can log in using root but cannot login with normal user accounts.<br>
  When I am offered the login prompt I type a normal user name and passwd
and it starts the login process.<br>
  Then the screen goes a grey/purplish color with a strip of what i can only 
term as "coloured interferance" across the top of the screen???<br>
  Then xdm restarts itself and im prompted with the log in screen again!<br>
  So far I have deduced that I need to use xauth to allow other logins but
I dont understand how to use it.<br>
  When i run xauth-&gt;info it shows me this:<br>
Authority file:       /root/.Xauthority<br>
File new:             no<br>
File locked:          no<br>
Number of entries:    1<br>
Changes honored:      yes<br>
Changes made:         no<br>
Current input:        (argv):1<br>
the server is&nbsp; running freebsd 4.4 on x86 arch<br>
the client is running freebsd 4.4 ( updated via makeworld ) to latest stable
version ( 4.8 i think ) on an x86 laptop <br>
All server and client software is current release.<br>
I would be very grateful if someone could help me out with this.<br>
Many Thanks<br>
Anyone know of any BSD users in the south west of england ( exeter ) Its
awfully lonely down here :(<br>

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