freeradius and dynamic ip allocation

Jonathan Belson jon at
Thu May 29 16:36:21 BST 2003

Dimitrios wrote:
> 3) use VPN/IPSEC or other kind of ecryption for your traffic, so
> even if the cracker finds the key, it won't be much use to him.

I originally planned to do this for my wireless machines (laptop
and the G4 in my lounge - don't want unsightly cables everywhere ;-)
but I'd have to get it to work under FreeBSD, Windows 2000 and
MacOS X.  Getting just FreeBSD to talk to my FreeBSD server wasn't
too hard, but Windows 2000 didn't want to play.

Has anyone managed to get an IPSEC setup (transport) to work for all
those platforms?  Would they mind sharing their configs with me? :-)



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