freeradius and dynamic ip allocation

Pete French pete at
Thu May 29 15:04:36 BST 2003

> Please remember that 64bit and 128bit WEP have both been broken.

I am assuming that 128 bit keys take longer to break than the 48 bit ones
though. As the kit does not (as yet) appear to support WPA then its
the best I could do.

> In other words, you can just drive around london and sniff packets
> from wireless networks which only use WEP for encryption.
> Tried and tested, and it works :)

I thought breaking the keys required sniffing a considerable quantity
of data from the network (at least ten minutes worth when theres a lot of
traffic). You must be driving very slowly :-)

[seriously - how much data needs to be captured to break a 128 bit key ?]


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