freeradius and dynamic ip allocation

Dimitrios sehh at
Thu May 29 14:35:06 BST 2003

On Thu, 29 May 2003 14:03:13 +0100 Pete French <pete at> wrote:

> with Windows Update and then turning it all back one one at a time, finally
> persuading it to use 128 bit WEP at last) I was looking for a better
> method.

Please remember that 64bit and 128bit WEP have both been broken.

You can easily find tools to sniff wireless networks nowdays via google.

WEP has a fundamental flaw in the WEP RC4 cypher, since it uses
the 128bit keys insecurely.

In other words, you can just drive around london and sniff packets
from wireless networks which only use WEP for encryption.

Tried and tested, and it works :)

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