freeradius and dynamic ip allocation

Pete French pete at
Thu May 29 14:03:13 BST 2003

> server). The easist way is to use MAC address authentication, when a client 
> connects to the AP, the address is passed to the radius server - we use 

Thats pretty much what I am doing at the moment - except no Radius
server, the MAC addresses are in the AP. Having spent a frustrating
few days trying to get XP to connect (which involved turning off all
authentication and encryption,connecting, applying over 20 different patches
with Windows Update and then turning it all back one one at a time, finally
persuading it to use 128 bit WEP at last) I was looking for a better

> stuff as well (pretty nifty). As for a VPN to connect to the Radius? don't 
> know - The Radius is usually never talked to by the client, but by the 

Sorry,confusion on my part - I meant the access end of the VPN to be
used to authenticate the client connections sing the same username/password
are wireless and then dishing out the same IP's to them, not he cients talking
to the sever directlt.y

Actually, from everything people have said about radius I suspect I am better
off not touching it with a barge pole. Still, always good to know
these things..


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