freeradius and dynamic ip allocation

Paul Robinson paul at
Thu May 29 09:56:16 BST 2003

Replying back to list so it can sit in an archive and then the next guy who 
has these problems might have the good fortune of Googling it...

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 05:39:44PM +0100, Robin Garbutt wrote:

> I'm not stuck with freeradius at all, I was just advised to use it over
> cistron radius.

Definitely, much, much, much better than cistron.
> As you can tell, I'm no expert with radius.  Would it be possible for
> you to walk me through XTRadius or could you give me some tips? is a great place to start reading up on it. 
If you have real problems, I can give you a hand, but it's really quite 
straight forward. You get an auth packet, you pass it to your script, you do 
whatever you want in that script, return a 0 or a 255 depending on whether 
they're allowed on or not, and that's it. That means in your script you can 
authenticate against anything you want (MySQL or Oracle is typical in large 
installations) although you need to be wary of any overhead you're 

Oh, you get to handle acct packets as well, so instead of parsing files 
every month, if you wanted to you could just write the accounting data 
straight to the corporate SQL Server and let your bosses produce pretty 
graphs in Excel or something.

Of course, this might be too much for what you want...
> does XTRadius supply a web front end?

Read through and 
you might pick up it doesn't really come with *anything* but it will allow 
you to mould your radius server into anything you want, so there's nothing 
stopping you writing the perfect web front-end for your site.
> I think I'll scrap freeradius then and move on...cheers for the advice!

I hope it's not an urgent setup! :-)

Paul Robinson

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