Bandwidth Stats

Paul Civati paul at
Tue May 27 16:29:25 BST 2003

"Simon Gray" <simong at> wrote:

> > The correct approach to solving this problem is to install an SNMP agent
> > on the machine (using UCD-SNMP) and then graph the results using the MRTG
> > package.  Basically specifically designed to achieve this exact goal.
> Just out of curiosity what's the overhead like?


The SNMP agent simply extracts the relevant data from inside the kernel,
pretty much as netstat would and provides it through a daemon that can
be queried using a standardised protocol (SNMP).

MRTG simply polls the SNMP agent every 5 minutes (through a cronjob),
records the data, and charts the output.  SNMP/MRTG cater much better
for the rollover of input/output octet counters.


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