ipfw dummynet problem

Jon Mercer jon at trojan-heroes.co.uk
Tue May 27 15:17:18 BST 2003

Company 2210 wrote:

> Hi people,
>     I'm new to freebsd so I'm still learning, but I've encounted a 
> problem I cannot find an (english) explantion/solution for. Basically, 
> I've installed Freebsd 5.0 on a machine with two Network Interface 
> Cards in. Now, when I boot up, I receive a 'dc0: watchdog timeout' - I 
> have to force the interface to down until a cable connected to the 
> switch is in place - then I bring the interface up and all is well. It 
> seems to be a problem in setting one of the NICS (dc0) to idle state? 
> (dc0 = Netgear 310TX, aue0 = Dlink USB -> Ethernet - no probs with 
> this one :). Now I suspect this goes hand in hand with my next 
> problem, dummynet. I've recompiled the kernel, enabling IPFIREWALL, 
> to 'gateway_enable="yes", firewall_enable="yes" and 
> firewall_type="open".  Now I can add a dummynet pipe fine with 
> syntax: ipfw add 00050 pipe 1 from any to but, when I try 
> to configure it I get error: 
> ipfw: setsockopt(IP_DUMMYNET_CONFIGURE): Protocol not available 
> What does this mean? and how do I solve it?
> Thanks
> Colin.

I might well be banging on about the wrong thing here, but have you 
enabled DUMMYNET in the kernel?

You didn't mention it anywhere, and this is just a knee jerk reaction! 
Someone else may say something completely different.



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