Recruitment question and job offer

Robert Myles rob at
Tue May 27 12:37:10 BST 2003


This is partly a request for advice about recruiting and partly a job ad. I 
checked with Paul Richards who kindly volunteered to take the flack if 
anyone didn't like me posting this...

We're looking for a FreeBSD sysadmin to join our IT department which 
currently consists of 3 people. The company is based in London.

We've advertised on a London-based recruitment site with little success. 
Some of the people who responded had Unix experience, mostly Linux. That's 
not the end of the world (they were unsuitable for other reasons), but I'd 
rather find people with (Free)BSD experience.

Do you know of any good places to advertise, or do you know anyone who 
might be able to help us find someone (recruiters, agencies, people who 
know people, whatever), or are you or someone you know looking for a job?

A bit of background - we are a photographic press agency and one of the 
largest picture libraries in the UK. We deal with celebrity, royalty and 
news pictures as well as stock and general subjects. You name it, we have a 
picture of it.

We launched a web-based image database for our clients about a year ago 
(currently 600 000 images, growing by about 1000 per day). The whole system 
was written in-house and is running on FreeBSD. Our internal servers are 
mostly FreeBSD with Windows on the desktops.

The person we're looking for would be looking after all the Unix servers 
and services, administering Samba as well as doing a certain amount of user 
support (we all do). They would also be responsible for creating and 
maintaining documentation for parts of the system.

We're looking for someone with at least 18 months experience as a sysadmin, 
preferably on FreeBSD.

Knowledge in the following areas would be an advantage:

* Security/Firewalls - ipf or pf on OpenBSD in particular.

* Network monitoring - SNMP, MRTG

* PostgreSQL admin

* NT Networking, Samba as  PDC

* LDAP administration.

Any contacts or ideas would really be appreciated. Please send CVs as plain 
text to itjob at



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