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Aled Morris aledm at
Sat May 24 13:23:29 BST 2003

On Sat, 24 May 2003, Robert Myles wrote:

>Have a look at the Dell PowerEdge 350 (IDE based) and the PowerEdge 1650

Isn't the 350 a rebadged Intel 1U server?  I have a couple of Intel
branded ones (ISP1100) and they are really good.

The Dell own stuff is also good, but the cases are very deep, and won't
fit in a standard 800mm rack.

I have recently started using Flexiserv for their ISPserv systems and have
recommended them to a number of people.  Just having front mounted
connectors makes them a pleasure to use.

For colo, I'd recommend QiX of course :-)  We have recently joined LINX so
our connectivity keeps getting better!  Special deals for FreeBSD users

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