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glad you replied I have been looking at dnuk, they let you build the server=
 you want ...
(at about =A31200) and stood out from the others.

Gonna have a look at the other hosting sites you suggested.

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> Opinions welcome ...

For the server, you are unlikely to find better or cheaper than DNUK who are

We (well, a friend bought it, I just do the admin voodoo for him at the
moment) have one of their teramacs and the only reason it's not live now is
because a CPU fan went on it after 18 months of continuous operation and we
had to whip it out. Cheap, solid, dependable. If you have real cash (I've
been looking at it for work) their storage is *very* cheap - 4.0Tb (yes,
terabytes) for =A37.5K plus VAT. But their rackmounts are dependable.

As for co-location, we've been looking at current pricing since we pulled a=
 box out of Telehouse docklands which was in there with netweaver. OK=20
company, but if your box goes, it can be a bit of a pain. We're now=20
considering the likes of Caladan in their MaNap suite at Manchester=20
Computing, and they seem reasonably priced. We also have a machine in=20
Sheffield with a guy who will take anything (rack-mounted or not) which is=
 seriously cheap and local - they're at ServerSure.=20

Hope that was of some help/interest.


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