10th Aniversary Meet

Paul Richards paul at freebsd-services.com
Thu May 15 13:52:07 BST 2003

On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 07:12:01PM +0100, Adrian J Mawdsley wrote:
> Okay call me a slow coach or whatever, but on what date and where is the 
> meet.
> I can get to Cardiff very easily from Cheshire. 1 train = 3 hrs and arrive 
> at the Central Station
> So if Paul Richards is bringing some of the Books that ppl have suggested i 
> look into it would be a great day for me.
> I can meet fellow humans, get some cool books and learn loads of new and 
> Exciting things.

Just the FreeBSD Handbook, I don't have any of the others.

> P.S. How many are actually going to the meet.

It's 21 June, Dempsey's pub, opposite Cardiff Castle. Start time hasn't
been confirmed, Sam's suggesting starting early so people can get home
if they don't want to stay in Cardiff for the night. There's a cheap
IBIS hotel quite close though, so if people room share it shouldn't cost
too much to stay.

So far I have

Paul Richards (committer)
Aled Morris (plus others)
Geraint Edwards
Ceri Davies (committer)
Steve Roome
Roger McCalman
Sam Smith (probably)

which is enough interest for me to turn up and drink some beers :-)

Based on past experience of organising these things, people decide to
come at the last minute but it'd be nice if people actually committed
themselves earlier than normal so I can publish a bigger list next time
someone asks :-)

Paul Richards

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