Mac OS X from a FreeBSD perspective

Andrew andrew.hodgson at
Tue May 13 20:27:56 BST 2003

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 20:18 Europe/London, Pete French wrote:

>> regarding the relationship between the BSD and Mac file systems (I've
>> installed UFS, but everything is in one big partition), and also the
> Tempting as it is that is a descision which is going to cause you a lot
> of problems downstream I'm afraid. A lot of Mac apps assume that they 
> have
> HFS underneat them and can store metadata.

Ah ha, I think I may be heading for a reinstall......bugger.

Thanks for the tips, I guess I should get reading. None of this stuff 
seems to be explained locally, in Mac Help or anywhere else. I guess 
that's why that book is called 'OS X - The Missing Manual'!  :-/

You're right though, it's a great desktop interface, I'm loving it.

All the best,


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