Mac OS X from a FreeBSD perspective

Andrew Hodgson andrew.hodgson at
Tue May 13 19:24:02 BST 2003


I have recently acquired a G3 and installed OS X 10.2, which is really 
nice. But there's a few things that don't quite sit right in my mind 
regarding the relationship between the BSD and Mac file systems (I've 
installed UFS, but everything is in one big partition), and also the 
way a hostname is assigned. Also the relation between the Admin account 
password and the /etc/passwd file (i.e. my username is NOT in there!).

These are not stated here as major problems, as it's only my first 
install. I just wondered if any others have installed OS X and how they 
took to it? Are there any particular web resources that could be 
recommended? Any advice is much appreciated.



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