Multiple IP Addresses

Kevin O Connor kevin at
Mon May 12 22:22:18 BST 2003

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Sent: Mon, 12 May 2003 14:03:59 +0100
Subject: RE: Multiple IP Addresses

> Hi Simon,
> Thanks for that. It works fine now. But, there were not much useful
> information on the FreeBSD site about this. Here is the example 
> given in the "man" of rc.conf.
> 		   ifconfig_ed0_alias0="inet netmask
> 0xffffffff"
> 		   ifconfig_ed0_alias1="inet netmask
> 0xffffffff"
> 		   ifconfig_ed0_alias2="inet netmask
> 0xffffffff"
> 		   ifconfig_ed0_alias4="inet netmask
> 0xffffffff"
> where all netmasks are the same.
Yes all alias cards should have a mask of in decimal notation 
in hex this is ffffffff so the above is indeed correct.


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