Samba and WinXp-Pro

Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Mon May 12 15:48:35 BST 2003

> > that's right. but from what i'ev seen on the odd web page a PDC is
> > for XP-Pro. The setup I've got works with 98 and 2k but not XP.
> I dont have a PDC, just got the single XP-Pro box. But if it required
> a PDC then they wouldnt stick it on laptops surely ?

Most of them come with it for corporate users...

> Mind you, I just went and checked my setup and I do have the
> line 'password server = frenic' in there (frenic is the Windows XP box)
> so possibly that might be why it works so nicely.

maybe. i'll play later tonight.

> I'll take a look at seeing if that works with the option turned off  when
> I get home. Needs to be done before I buy Marge one of those Acer laptops
> for her birthday if what you say is true (why she turned down a PowerBook
> I dont know, but anyway...)

I've certainly been playing for more than 3hrs and its got about 50% battery
left. So I think
it's true!

> -bat.

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