Samba and WinXp-Pro

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Mon May 12 16:04:32 BST 2003

In some email I received from "Duncan Barclay" <dmlb at> on Mon, 12 May 2003
14:31:06 +0100, wrote:

> > > anyone had any luck in getting Samba and WinXP working. There doesn't
> seem
> > > to be any upto date documentation at (that I can find).
> >
> > It works fine for me - you are just uusing this to connect to shares on
> > the Smaba box ? Not doing anything complex like using it as a domain
> > controller.
> that's right. but from what i'ev seen on the odd web page a PDC is needed
> for XP-Pro. The setup I've got works with 98 and 2k but not XP.

I'm using samba-TNG which as PDC in a heterogeneous network with
XP{home/prof}/98/95/2k{prof}, without any problems.

> > I have 'encrypt opasswords = yes' set in the config file, and then I add
> > accounts using 'smbpasswd -a'. All works fine - and I just duplicated
> > the cnfig here at work for a collection of Windows machines and that
> > works too (including CUPS support which is very nice).

samba-tng uses something called SAM which is the same as the user database in NT 
on one side you have to add the Computer ID, which will be it's name in the network, on
other side you need to also add the actual user - one that's going to log in.
<sam records>
Machine ID = xpprof
Users on the machine: joe, roger, blahblah
</sam records>

the whole db thing is pretty granulated  and good acls in general.
it's in net/samba-tng.

> Done that I think.
> > As a last resort, if you only have one windows box, then tell samba to
> > use the windows box to authenticate the passwords...
> No, got more than 1 box. An old laptop commited hari-kiri by jumping off the
> sofa and cracking its screen and doing somethng odd to its ether card. So I
> got a new Acer 800Cli - 5hrs battery 1400x1050 screen.




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