Samba and WinXp-Pro

Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Mon May 12 14:31:06 BST 2003

> > anyone had any luck in getting Samba and WinXP working. There doesn't
> > to be any upto date documentation at (that I can find).
> It works fine for me - you are just uusing this to connect to shares on
> the Smaba box ? Not doing anything complex like using it as a domain
> controller.

that's right. but from what i'ev seen on the odd web page a PDC is needed
for XP-Pro. The setup I've got works with 98 and 2k but not XP.

> I have 'encrypt opasswords = yes' set in the config file, and then I add
> accounts using 'smbpasswd -a'. All works fine - and I just duplicated
> the cnfig here at work for a collection of Windows machines and that
> works too (including CUPS support which is very nice).

Done that I think.

> As a last resort, if you only have one windows box, then tell samba to
> use the windows box to authenticate the passwords...

No, got more than 1 box. An old laptop commited hari-kiri by jumping off the
sofa and cracking its screen and doing somethng odd to its ether card. So I
got a new Acer 800Cli - 5hrs battery 1400x1050 screen.

> -bat.

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