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At 23:38 10/05/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>         Being fairly new to BSd i was wondering if anyone could recommend 
> a good book to read up with.
>I shant start a "which BSD is best" question or such like. So am looking 
>for a book that covers BSD as a whole, or one that just covers a 
>particular version from a beginers point of view.
>I do have experience with a few Distro's of Linux (Red Hat6.0+, Suse, 
>Mandrake 7.2+) if that is any indication of experience.
>Hope some can help me

* The FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition, edited by Murray Stokely & Nik Clayton,
   FreeBSD Documentation Project/FreeBSD Mall 2002

* The Complete Free BSD, 4th Edition, by Greg Lehey, O'Reilly

* FreeBSD Unleashed, by Michael Urban & Brian Tiemann, Sams

* Teach Yourself FreeBSD in 24 hours, by Michael Urban & Brian Tiemann, Sams

* Absolute BSD, The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD, by Michael Lucas, No Starch 

* FreeBSD: The Complete Reference, by Roderick W. Smith, McGraw-Hill Osborne

It's difficult to say which book is better - they all good (of course there's
slightly different approaches to this and that, but then it makes reading even
more interesting).

The above mentioned books are available, in particular, from Holborn Books (run search on "freebsd" and you will see even
more titles).



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