Anyone in the North want to do a talk on WLAN?

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed May 7 15:03:55 BST 2003

Hi all,

The organisation I work for is heavily invloved in a variety of SMEs in the 
North of England, and specifically parts of the organisation are involved in 
business mentoring and networking support.

I've been asked by one of these companies if I know anybody who would be
prepared to do a talk at a networking event in Leyland, Preston on the 22nd
May in the evening on the subject of wireless networking. The speaker would
nominate what they wished to talk on but it's generally in the area of WiFi,
WLAN standards, wireless and it's impact and advantages on businesses, etc.
I know it's not FreeBSD, but I'm sure some of you guys would be interested
if you're in the area...

The crowd size is unknown but is likely to be in the couple of dozen or more 
region. It will be made up of people out of the "New Media" sector, 
specifically techhie guys and business owners who will want to know what the 
tech is capable of doing and how to commercially exploit it either for 
employees or to customers. To be honest, a run down on the technology would 
probably go down well in itself.

For the speaker, there might not be much in it other than a thank-you and 
the chance to meet a lot of people working in the sector who are looking out 
for clueful people such as yourselves.

If you're interested or have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me or
ring me at work on 0161 247 6730


Paul Robinson

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