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Abdul Salam abdul at
Tue May 6 09:37:08 BST 2003

Hi there,

I am not sure whether this is relevant to FreeBSD or PHP group. But,
anyway please let me know if anybody else had come across with this
issue before. I have an Apache installation on FreeBSD with PHP 4.2.3. I
want to enable GD library with it. By default PHP 4.2 should have a GD
library with it. But, it was showing a version of 1.6.2. But, what I
need is GD 2.x. In ports collection I have GD 2.1 and I installed it and
re-compiled it again by using "./configure' '--with-mysql'
'--with-gd=/usr/local' '--with-jpeg' '--with-zlib'
'--with-apxs2=/usr/local/www/bin/apxs' ". But, still it is showing
version 1.6.  So, I downloaded the latest version of GD library,
installed it and compiled again. Still the version doesn't change. Does
anybody have any idea on what is happening here? Please note, I have
only re-started apache, not the sever itself. I don't want to do that as
many websites are running on the machine. Any help will be appreciated.



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