filesystem setup

Chris Whitehouse chris at
Fri May 2 14:50:44 BST 2003

Thanks for responses

28/04/03 17:47:56, "Robin Garbutt" <robing at> wrote:

>Freebsd 5.0, vinum raid (not the best but does the job), apache 1.3.27, mysql 4.0, php-4.3.1, ipfw (firewall)

I will probably not go with raid as simplicity is more important than data integrity for this box but other points taken.

For actual partition sizes how about
disk 1
1: 300mb swap
2: 250mb /
3: 1gb /var
4: remaining /usr

1: 300mb swap
2: remaining /something.probably.html

I've read that spreading swap over 2 disks can be advantageous.


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