going from 5.0-R to 5.0-C

Bruce M Simpson bms at spc.org
Mon Mar 24 22:41:01 GMT 2003

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 04:54:12PM +0000, Dimitrios wrote:
> I plan on installing fbsd 5.0-RELEASE on my dual athlon for testing
> perposes, which means i'll convert it to 5.0-CURRENT.

I'm running 5.0-RELEASE-p4 on my ThinkPad T22 right now a-ok.

> If i do a 'minimal' install, is it possible to upgrade to 5.0-C
> by downloading/compiling/installing only the currently installed
> packages from 'minimal'?

Please see src/UPDATING.

> or do i have to download/compile the WHOLE 5.0-C tree?

Best way I'm afraid. Please see src/UPDATING on cvsweb for the reasoning
behind this before you decide to go -CURRENT.

The only other thing I can thnk of is to use two separate source trees
and switch symlink between them as needed; keeping two separate worlds
would also be a headache.


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