Dual Booting

Bruce M Simpson bms at spc.org
Mon Mar 24 22:38:24 GMT 2003

On Sun, Mar 23, 2003 at 11:26:02AM +0000, James Pattinson wrote:
> One other thing - I've researched this but haven't found much!
> Is it possible to Dual boot FreeBSD and Solaris on a sparc machine? I have 
> a blade100 at work that mainly just sits there, would make a cool freebsd 
> testbed. However it does still need Slowaris on there.

Easiest way to do it would be to use two disks, and use an OFW break
to 'boot diskX' manually.

I am installing 5.0 on a U30 as we speak, so I'll know more later.


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