Kernel Compile

John Murphy jfm at
Mon Mar 24 13:43:53 GMT 2003

james <jamesp at> wrote:

>However I'm would have expected the module not to have been compiled. I =
>have /boot/kernel/usb.ko - what if I don't even want it to be there in =
>first place? Or am I thinking too much like a Linuxer ? :)

You can put:

NO_MODULES=3D    true    # do not build modules with the kernel

in /etc/make.conf to avoid building them, but you'll still have the old
ones on the HD of course, though they aren't exactly massive.  Have a =
at /etc/defaults/make.conf for other options you can set in =
(touch /etc/make.conf if it's not there.)

You can probably disable the USB ports in the BIOS.  That will stop the
probing and module loading.


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