RAID recommendations

dimitrios sehh at
Mon Mar 24 11:40:52 GMT 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:03:11 +0000 (GMT) Sam Pikesley <samdavidpikesley at> wrote:

> I have three SCSI disks, and I'm after RAID 5...

You can go for a single channel controller, which would
be the cheaper solution.

You may also go for a two channel controller and then
have two drives on one channel and the third on the
second channel. It should give a bit more throughput.

A two channel controller may be more expensive but
its a better investment for future expansion. You
may also go for a four channel controller but this
will be very expensive and an overkill for 3 drives only.

Here are two of them, the Intel SRCU31 and SRCU32
(the first has one channel the second has two channels)

btw, there are lots and lots of other brands, so make
sure you check them out. The Intel ones i mention
here are just examples.

The Adaptec equivalents are:
Adaptec SCSI RAID 3210S (two channel)
Adaptec SCSI RAID 2100S (one channel)

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