Compaq ML370 Gigabit Adaptor

Lee Brotherston lee at
Mon Mar 24 10:17:05 GMT 2003

On Mon, Mar 24, 2003 at 09:34:38AM -0000, James wrote:
> Got one of the above beasties in, and we're fiddling with the 4.7-r kernel
> to try and bring up the Gigabit adaptor which is a Broadcom NeteXtreme.  So
> far We've added pretty much every gigabit driver in the 'shotgun' approach
> to figuring out which is the right one and nothing's showing up in the Dmesg
> apart from the Netintelligent (thunderlan) 10/100 card.
> Has anyone got one of these chatting amiably via gigabit?

I'm not sure if this is the same adaptor, but I suspect it's that same
on the one that you're on about.  It's a Gig card that comes built in
to Compaq/HP DL380's and ML380's.

Just used the bge interface (you can even kldload if_bge.ko).  This
was on a 4.8-RC1 machine, however I can see the module on one of my
4.7 machines, so I suspect it's available in that branch too.



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