problems upgrading from 4.7 - 4.8

Lou Kamenov phayze at
Thu Mar 20 23:17:14 GMT 2003

In some email I received from Slugbucket <jujuberry at> on Thu, 20 Mar 2003
22:25:20 +0000, wrote:

*shocked* i dunno what that was.. but here`s the reply 

it looks some of the stuff from -current have been backported to 4.8.

make buildworld && make buildkernel KERNCONF=KERNNAME && make installkernel
KERNCONF=KERNNAME && reboot(single) && mergemaster -p && make installworld && mergemaster

i suppose that`s what you did? (i mean the first 2 steps at least)
if not, you *have* to do buildworld, it will build all the tools that`re going to be used
with buildkernel (like config). but however it looks like you did installworld before
buildkernel ? also check the LINT if it has the same syntax, or try KERNCONF=GENERIC.

but it works fine on mine on 4.7, however it yells the same errors when i try it on 5.0.
i`ll try to merge it somehow .. and i`ll let you know with the results.


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