Testers wanted (eventually) for ENI 3060 PCI xDSL driver

Bruce M Simpson bms at spc.org
Tue Mar 18 22:37:23 GMT 2003


I am busy hacking on a driver, lni, for Efficient Networks SpeedStream
3060 PCI xDSL line cards. This is a native ATM DSL card which will
connect directly to an xDSL-enabled phone line. It contains a DSL modem
chipset (Alcatel) and the Efficient Lanai ATM SAR engine.

This would potentially allow you to directly connect a FreeBSD system 
directly to an xDSL provider using the native ATM support in the kernel,
so, for example, you could view HomeChoice MPEG streams on your box...

Please let me know if you're interested in this.

My card I originally obtained for around 40UKP from eBay, which compares
*very* favorably with the price of a dedicated Ethernet-to-DSL router.


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