Problems with TermCap

Richard Brumpton richard at
Sat Mar 15 22:35:37 GMT 2003

 am quite new to FreeBSD (a month!). I have just rebuilt my machine to
FreeBSD 5-Release

Everything was working okay and I could connect via SSH to the machine...

Accidently, I delted the /usr/misc/share/termcap file.
I grabbed the termcap.small from (only one I could find) and
installed it and then ran the cap_mkdb util.

The console seems to be ok, but when I telnet in or ssh into the system I
get an error.

Telnet says cannot read termcap database, using dumb terminal settings and
ssh says csh: cannot open etc/termcap

Etc/termcap is a symbolic link to /usr/misc/share/termcap.

I am sure it is something simple I have missed, but would appreciate help


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