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On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 08:57:02PM +0000, Dimitris wrote:
> this is a bit offtopic, but i'd appriciate any help.
> i've been meaning to build a small site to sell some
> personal software that i've been developing.
> their cost is very very small, around 10 ukpounds each.

You might want to try  A company I just bought some
shareware from used them, and from the customer's point of view (i.e.,
mine) it was painless.  I tap in my credit card number and other details
and it just worked.

I was particularly impressed to discover that although the product was
$9.99, it worked out that I was in the UK (probably using some IP <->
Location mapping) and switched the default currency to GBP, converting
the price as it did so.

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