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I've been using Freechariot "Light Merchant Service" for over a year, they=
are OK
(this is un-biased opinion as I'm just their client & not a re-seller of=20

Hope this helps.


This service is offered to small to medium enterprises. The light payment=20
service is easy to set-up and you can start to collect secure payments=20
quickly (Approval is subject to status).

Most importantly, you can get payments deposited in your bank account in 10=
working days (subject to status). This is an opportunity for us to help you=
increase the sales of your services and products.

There is no monthly fee and you only pay us when you do business.

Pricing: Set up fee is =A375.00 plus an annual fee of =A385.00. The annual=
and the setup fee totals - =A3160.00. Amount payable at registration is=20
=A3160.00 + VAT =3D =A3188.00. After the first year, you only pay the annual=
of =A385.00 (exc. vat).

Transaction charges**.
Total Monthly transactions Charges*
=A35,000 or Less 4.25%
=A35,000+ 4.00%

Note that this are the ONLY fees charged. The most important part of=20
setting this up and running your sales enhancement service is that we are=20
available to assist you all through the required process.

*The transaction charges above are issued subject to status and type of=20
business. For confirmation of rate, please contact sales support on 0870=20

At 20:57 28/02/2003 +0000, you wrote:

>this is a bit offtopic, but i'd appriciate any help.
>i've been meaning to build a small site to sell some
>personal software that i've been developing.
>their cost is very very small, around 10 ukpounds each.
>the problem is that all online payment systems that
>i've seen are very expensive for the sort of thing
>that i need, their monthly cost is too high for me,
>and they also charge percentage on the cost of transactions.
>also, they require a Merchant Bank Account, which
>is a special account provided by most major banks,
>and the problem is those bank accounts are charged
>per transactions as well.
>so at the end of the day, i have to pay:
>1) monthly fee to online payment service
>2) per transaction fee to online payment service
>3) setup fee for Merchant Bank Account
>4) per transaction fee to the Bank for using the account.
>In other words, this is too expensive.
>Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative
>methods of online payments?
>I'd like to avoid PayPal as much as possible
>for many reasons: i dont like their business
>practices, and i dont want to force clients
>to create PayPal accounts.
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