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Dominic Marks dom at
Mon Jun 30 09:09:11 BST 2003

On 30/06/2003 07:45, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:
> Another quick question this fine Rainy morning.
> Is there an IRC room that "we" participate in, or one that people have found
> they can get good quick info in regarding FreeBSD?
> By that i mean one for UK users, rather than US. I realise that the info
> would probably be the same, but would like to be able to from time to time
> chat inanely about UK matters. ie Isn't President Blair hair looks splendid
> this day. And other tripe like that.

I've been a member of #FreeBSD on Undernet for about 2 years now. It's
quite a big channel with a variety of people from all over. There are
plenty of Brits and Europeans to chat to and the American regulars are
pretty good as Americans go :-)

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I'll probably be around in the evenings after work. IRCing as dom or
toric. I don't know of a more UK centric FreeBSD channel.

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