IBM TP21 docking station required?

Stacey Roberts stacey at
Sat Jun 28 18:32:33 BST 2003

     Sorry if this strikes as off topic, but I've got a head-scratcher

I've got this TP21 here that I'd like to install FreeBSD on. Its got a
swappable DVD drive / floppy drive, with WinXP Pro currently installed.

This is the trick. WinXP is installed on all 18 Gig of the HDD, and I'd
like to wipe it completely. However when I boot off a Win98 boot floppy
(in order to reformat the HDD), I get asked about "installing with
CD-ROM support. As the DVD-drive isn't actually present on the system
(as I'm using the floppy disk at this point), do I elect to say "Yes" at
this point, or do I select "No"?

Sorry if this is a no-brainer for some, but I've not got a lot of
experience with laptops and I'd like to get some info on this before
proceeding. Initially, the plan was to set up a dual-booting (WinXP /
FreeBSD) system, but at this stage, I'd be happy just installing FreeBSD
only on it.

Any info / pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, guys!

Stacey Roberts
B.Sc (HONS) Computer Science


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