Manchester BSD UG meeting - 7th July

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Jun 25 10:03:45 BST 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 09:22:12PM +0100, Sam Smith wrote:

> The next Manchester BSD UG meeting will be on Monday 6th July 2003
> in the Lass as usual.

No, it won't. It will be on Monday the 7th July instead. :-)

There is a small risk that the Lass will still be closed for it's refurb on
the 7th (it's due to reopen on the 4th, but it may over-run), so perhaps an
alternate venue in that eventuality? Say, Sofa next door? It's noisy, but we
can move on once we're all together to somewhere a bit more... relaxed...
that doesn't consider Red Stripe premium draught lager... regardless, if the
Lass is open, we're going to be in for a shock. It's odds-on it's going to
look rather different to how we're used to it. We may even decide to
permanently move the meet. This will definitely be the case if it has become
a Welsh theme pub. :-)

Oh, and one last thing, it's a *week* on Monday - some people thought it was 
this coming Monday. Which it isn't. And it's not on the 6th either. :-)
> Please note that this meeting is not on the normal date of the first
> Tuesday. This is just a screwup on our part for this month.

More like you've got a date with some lop-sided cross-eyed girl with a blind
dog and expect us all to alter our diaries around you. :-)

In addition to the above, last month there was some debate about whether
monolithic or microkernel architectures were best. I regret that in the
interests of Health and Safety, this correspondance is now closed, and I'm
Paul Robinson

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