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Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Jun 24 18:27:59 BST 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 06:16:24PM +0100, Paul Richards wrote:

> No there aren't. gcc is in the GNU area too.

harvey# which gcc

That could be confusing. :-)
> We're not as strict as the FSF, but we do make a lot of effort to
> scrutinise code that's contributed and there are a lot of experienced
> people in the project who take this sort of thing seriously. 

Accepted, but the project has no controls to stop copyright code going in. 
It just goes in, and it's accepted that everybody knows the rules. That's 
not exactly water-tight. For all we know, the tree could be full of 
copyright code and nobody would know until somebody like the FreeBSD 
Foundation got a subpoena issued against it.

The FSF system is anal, but makes explicit guarantees. It wouldn't actually
take much to e-mail all developers on a Sunday evening with a list of files
they've made commits they've made in the last 7 days, and request that they
PGP sign it, and return it as a "guarantee" that none of the code they have
committed is copyright to another entity and that they agree to make their
submissions available under a BSD license. For those cases where GPL code is
seeping in, it makes sure that goes to the right place in the tree and
catches any "errors" down the line. If there are special cases, the
developer documents them. Everybody's arse is covered, it takes 10 minutes a 
week for the developers, and everybody looks professional.

Paul Robinson

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