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Paul Richards paul at
Tue Jun 24 18:16:24 BST 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 05:06:28PM +0100, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 04:52:23PM +0100, Pete French wrote:
> > Is Linux a GNU/FSF project ? 
> Next time you go to a conference and Richard Stallman is there, ask him that 
> question. I'll be behind you with a video camera.
> The short answer is "No".
> > I've never contributed anything to FreeBSD so I dont know what their
> > procedure is like - does anyone know what paoperwork, if any, they require
> > and what the checking procedures are to make sure that contributed code is
> > unecumbered ?
> Ummm... well I watch the output of CVS when it's grabbing files. There is a 
> mailing list where every CVS patch gets posted. Some people actually read 
> it. To my knowledge, there is no paperwork. You write your own code. You 
> give it to FreeBSD. If you're stealing it from another project, it should be 
> BSD licensed code. If it isn't, it does not belong in the base. It belongs 
> in those areas specifically marked for GNU/GPL code. There are some 
> exceptions. Like gcc.

No there aren't. gcc is in the GNU area too.

We're not as strict as the FSF, but we do make a lot of effort to
scrutinise code that's contributed and there are a lot of experienced
people in the project who take this sort of thing seriously. 

Tis a wise thing to know what is wanted, wiser still to know when
it has been achieved and wisest of all to know when it is unachievable
for then striving is folly. [Magician]

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