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Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at
Tue Jun 24 16:58:39 BST 2003

 --- Pete French <pete at> wrote: 
> I'd be upset. However I would not be too upset if
> some
> large lawyer driven corporation decided that they
> wanted
> to defend FreeBSD - even if they were doing it on
> the
> basis of "we are bigger than you" -  which is what
> is
> happening here. IBM are ending up in a position of
> defending
> Linux. You might feel uncomfortable with the fact
> that IBM may
> end up using their might to crussh SCO unfairly, but
> surely
> thats better than SCO winning isnt it ?

I'm uncomfortable with the notion that you seem to be
in favour of Big Bullies as long as they're on your
side. IBM are fending off SCO and as a side-effect of
that they find themselves defending Linux. But that's
arbitrary. To draw another analogy with recent events,
the US bombed the hell out of the Taliban and replaced
them with a different bunch of warlords and gangsters.
But these warlords are not Good People just because
they're backed by the Big Bully who ousted the
previous lot.

> Even if SCO are in the right, you are not going to
> be
> able to convince me that having them win the case is
> a good
> thing.
> -bat.
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