SCO suit

Pete French pete at
Tue Jun 24 16:42:43 BST 2003

> But that's an arbitrary difference. There are a great
> many people who don't appear the slightest bit upset
> that the US (along with the UK) used its huge military
> bulk to crush Iraq on an extremely flimsy pretext. But
> that doesn't make it a Good Thing.

Totally agree. But that doesnt stop people enjoying the
results (e.g., in your example, the people of Iraq
who objected to the regime are still entitled to feel
happy at its downfall, despite the fact it was done
in such an appaling way). but I really dont think
we want to be discussing recent politics on here, its
way off topic.

> It's a dangerous precedent. Consider how you'd feel if
> some Huge Lawyer-Driven Corporation decided they
> wanted to come after FreeBSD...

I'd be upset. However I would not be too upset if some
large lawyer driven corporation decided that they wanted
to defend FreeBSD - even if they were doing it on the
basis of "we are bigger than you" -  which is what is
happening here. IBM are ending up in a position of defending
Linux. You might feel uncomfortable with the fact that IBM may
end up using their might to crussh SCO unfairly, but surely
thats better than SCO winning isnt it ?

Even if SCO are in the right, you are not going to be
able to convince me that having them win the case is a good


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