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Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at
Tue Jun 24 15:57:30 BST 2003

 --- Pete French <pete at> wrote: > > Are
you sure? What you describe here sounds a
> great
> > deal like Microsoft trying to (illegally) corner
> the
> > Web Browser market, and then using their huge bulk
> to
> > crush Netscape when they had the temerity to
> > complain...
> Yup, pretty much the same tactics in use. The
> difference being that if IBM use their huge bulk to
> crush SCO then I dont think you are going to see
> many
> people in the Open Source camp getting upset about
> it
> somehow.

But that's an arbitrary difference. There are a great
many people who don't appear the slightest bit upset
that the US (along with the UK) used its huge military
bulk to crush Iraq on an extremely flimsy pretext. But
that doesn't make it a Good Thing.

It's a dangerous precedent. Consider how you'd feel if
some Huge Lawyer-Driven Corporation decided they
wanted to come after FreeBSD...

> -bat.
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