FW: The Gathering

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Tue Jun 24 14:48:31 BST 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 02:05:35PM +0100, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:

> Did the below make it through to the list?  If not, it seems the
> moderator is not approving non-member posts, so could you forward
> it, please.  Thanks.

I seem to recall that uk-users is member only to stop the spam that was
knocking around a while back.
> people and chatting yesterday.  Lots of oddly-familiar faces,
> considering I don't go to many of these events.  This can be
> remedied:  next month's picnic, perhaps (URL, anyone)?

The BBQ? This one?


I'm on the list to go, but knowing my luck... I'm not making any promises 
this time... I aim to go to it, I aim to either travel back that night or 
stay somewhere local to it, and I *aim* to listen to lots of people's ideas.

As for the "familiar faces" thing - you've been watching Crimewatch haven't 
you? I'm not saying a word, but you know... you shouldn't mess with that 
lot. They stole my innocence.

> tomorrow ;-).  Well done Paul Richards for stirring it up in the
> first place (though not for phoning my house - as opposed to my
> mobile - at 1am!  Linda will not forgive /me/ for some reason...).

Too right. You shouldn't be giving your home number to the likes of Paul 
Richards! He's got a beard![1] It's obvious! :-)
> Shame I didn't get to chat to Paul Robinson about a new funky
> installer - especially after I was late turning up having spent
> most of the afternoon installing Smoothwall (because my dad won't
> use FreeBSD cos it sounds complicated).

Yeah, I really am incredibly sorry I missed it - it looked like a good
night, and lots of people seemed interested in some of the ideas floating
about... Last chance to have a face-to-face with so many people who are that
keen for ages. Can't see a lot of that crowd making it to California in
September. Lots of people I wanted to speak to. I have an idea about how to
do something about that. More of which, next week.
> Last but not least, my (well, our) photos:
> 	http://serf.org/gedge/bin/llun.cgi/freebsd10

Note for [1]: I've just realised, having seen these pictures Paul Richards
no longer has a beard. He still can't be trusted though. Look at those eyes.
And he used to have one. And he probably shaved it off so he didn't match
the Police photofit any more.

> Please let me know of name corrections - with my apologies if your
> name is wrong/missing.

You appear to have gone to the wrong meeting - there was a girl present, and 
so quite obviously, it wasn't the FreeBSD meeting. We have a girl who comes 
to Manchester BSD meets, but we just assume she's lost. :-)

The guy at the end whose name you're missing, proves my theory about beards.  
He has a monster of a beard, and yet you spent an entire evening with him
and _don't know his name_. See - bearded people are like that. I bet you
don't even remember him arriving or leaving, or any of the conversations you
had with him. Except you felt all comfortable signing the forms and giving
him your bank details didn't you?
> Happy birthday FreeBSD.  Here's to the next 10 years...

Must... stop... project... Getting... out of... control...

You'll be pleased to know that even though I didn't get to Cardiff, I did
hold a mini-celebration in honour of the Birthday. The details are too
vulgar for public discussion, but it did involve cake and pies. :-)
Paul Robinson

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